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Parents / Guardians

SEK Chile International School | Parents / Guardians

At SEK-Chile, we encourage family participation in our school activities, and are pleased to invite you to participate in our Parent Guardian Association. Your involvement in this association will result in regular contact with those who form part of our integral school community:

School Collaboration Committee: to cooperate with teachers in the care and organization of students during field trips and excursions organized by the school; participating in the running and management of the trip.

Family sport committee: members will be responsible for the organization of various sporting competitions involving students and families, and awarding the winning teams at a formal event, which will also serve as meeting for the school community once the presentation of awards has finished. 

Safety Committee: to monitor the school facilities, ensuring they are in good condition and functioning as required.

International Committee: As a member you will promote and celebrate multiculturalism within our school; organizing different events and activities focusing on the cultures, customs and traditions of different countries. International families from our school are invited to participate, as well as Chilean citizens who are interested in participating in activities that promote international awareness.

Professional Committee: The purpose of this committee is to periodically gather a group of mothers or fathers who represent different areas of the job market; so that they can inform and help our students understand the requirements and characteristics of different professions.

Committee to evaluate new teachers: The function of this committee is to interview each teacher who is applying for a position at SEK-Chile and then give an evaluation of the candidate to the school principal.    

To effectively organize meetings and the development of these committees, we have appointed Mauricio Gómez as the coordinator of the Parent Teacher Committee, who will respond to any of your requests for additional information and, if you are interested in being part of any of these Committees, carry out the formalization of your enrollment.

 Mr. Gómez can be reached via: mauricio.gomez@sekchile.com. 


Parent Teacher Meetings

Education is a daily and continuous process. Children and young adults require a personal pace when learning, as well as a tailored system and effective support. We establish the Parent Teacher meetings as the optimal way to ensure students and their progress are correctly adjusted and followed up, by those responsible for them: the teachers and the parents and/or guardians.

These meetings also ensure a steady and clear form of communication exists between the family and the school. According to our Mission Statement, the most sensitive link in the education system is the role of the Home Room teachers, who, after familiarizing themselves with the teaching methodology of our school, are the liaisons between the student, their teachers and their parents. 

If you need to contact your home room teacher, please do so directly to arrange a personal appointment; or alternatively reach them via phone or email.



- PGºA -  Paola Fernández

- PGº B - Isabel Mejía

- PGº C - Claudia Palma

- PKº A - Berta Abarca

- PKº B - Claudia Marín

- PKº C -Patricia Zárate

- PKº D - Paola Romay

- PKº E - Patricia Hidalgo

- Kº A -  María Cecilia Hernández

- Kº B -  Pamela Plaza

- Kº C -  Claudia Santos

- Kº D -  Aurora Cornejo

- Kº E -  Aurora Cornejo


1ºA - María Soledad Villegas

- 1º B - Isabel Goldsack

- 1º C - Javiera Ruz

- 1º D - Pamela Curilen

- 1º E - Claudia Iasalvatore

- 1º F - Maricela Jéldrez Figueroa

- 2º A - Paulina Tapia

- 2º B - Jacqueline De Laire

- 2º C - Isabel Goldsack

- 2º D - Alicia Palma

- 2º E - Andrea Silva

- 2º F - Maricela Jéldrez

- 3º A - Jazmín Pérez

- 3º B - Alicia Palma

- 3º C - Marcela Méndez

- 3º D - Andrea Silva

- 3º E - Milleni Catacora

- 3º F - Paulina Tapia

- 4º A - María Paz Leiva

- 4º B - Gonzalo Soto

- 4º C - Jazmín Pérez

- 4º D - Marcela Méndez

- 4º E - Ximena Cabello

- 4º F - Victoria Torres


- 5º A - Eduardo Martínez

- 5º B - Susana Cruz 

- 5º C - Mario Urrutia

- 5º D - Leslie Loyola

- 5º E - Viviana Navarro

- 6º A - Óscar Saavedra 

- 6º B - Mónica Desmartis

- 6º C - Valeria Retamal

- 6º D - Macarena Rocha

- 7º A - Mildrey Aponte

- 7º B - Rosa Marina Santander 

- 7º C - Giordano Parodi

- 7º D - Verónica Zamora

- 8º A - Alejandra del Valle

- 8º B - Verónica Zamora

- 8º C - Rosamarina Santander

- 8º D - Felipe Jaña


- Iº A -  Bernardita Guzmán

- Iº B -  Esteban Durán

- Iº C -  Jimena Gatta

- Iº D - Karla Ibarra

- IIº A - Esteba Durán

- IIº B - Karla Irribarra

- IIº C - Cindy Avendaño

- IIIº A - Carolina Cortés

- IIIº B -Jaime Silva

- IIIº C -Marcela Gangas

- IVº A -Mario Hinojosa

- IVº B -María Elisa Navarro

- IVº C - Jimena Gatta

- IVº D -María Diez del Corral



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