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Pupils' Club

This Club exists within the School’s educative system in order to fulfil a conscious responsibility to achieve clear and essential training objectives based on the following aspects:
- Promote the necessary personal spirit and solidarity over and above the strictly academic context.
- Provide students with a framework in which to develop their abilities and any personal queries.
- Sow the initial seed of interest in order that personal fulfilment can be achieved and direct responsibility can be taken and encouraged through one’s own actions.
Intensify the school relationship between teachers and students beyond the classroom relationship.
- To assume an essential role within the school environment and to feel a sense of responsibility towards it. 

2017 Pupils' Club representatives:

- Lucas Fernández

- Agustín Benchoa

- Lucas Arce

- María del Mar Martino

- Constanza Onetti

- Francisca Rojas

- Rosario Saavedra

- Sofía Vargas

- Lorena Vera

- Magdalena Lazo


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At SEK Chile we not only keep our doors open to our former students, but also host a variety of annual events in order to maintain contact with the alumni who make us feel proud in devoting ourselves to education.

Our SEK Alumni Association exists in order to keep in touch with special friends and classmates, and all former students are invited to participate.

You can join online via the link "Alta de Antiguos Alumnos" which can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Every year, through a formal invitation, the members of SEK Alumni Association meet. At this event the Board of Directors for the following year are chosen, along with planning upcoming activities and sharing different offers with former students.

Furthermore, as a way of strengthening these special ties, we are pleased to offer a 25% discount off the school registration fee to the sons and daughters of SEK Alumni*.

*Former SEK Students/SEK Alumni are those who have graduated from our school. 

The Coordinator for the Association of SEK Alumni is José Alegría (jose.alegria@sekchile.com)

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