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They are one of the activities the school provides families where young people develop their skills in various sporting and cultural matters.

These programs are offered after the school day where each student learns and strengthens individual and group skills.

SEK International School presents a wide range of extracurricular activities for students in order to be able to answer all of these interests. Courses or workshops. Currently the school offers the following courses or workshops:

Art and Design: Crafts, Ballet, Choir, Guitar, English, Piano and Theatre
Sports: Football, Gymnastics, Basketball, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Hapkido and Taekwondo.

With this we hope that all our students will always find a workshop that will motivate and develop with it its own initiatives and interests.

General rules of extracurricular activities

1 .- The registration is done through the appropriate tab must be fully completed.

2 .- The registration form must be submitted in the administration of the College.

3 .- The value is canceled biannually, for early in the month of March and August.

4 .- Students / it wishes to withdraw from an activity, must notify in writing to the Secretariat of Directors 30 days prior to the next semiannual period. Casualties are not allowed in the middle of a semester.

5 .- Students / as must demonstrate academic achievement and civic behavior socially acceptable to stay in school activities. Otherwise, the Tutor will decide whether it is desirable that the student / a withdrawal from the school activity.

6 .- Students / a must excuse absences to the teacher of the activity may be low in case of no interest to it.

7 .- The extracurricular activities have a set schedule for the proper functioning and general safety. For this reason, these hours must be met on arrival so as to be removed from the student / a College. Failure of the schedule may be cause of low activity.


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