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SEK Chile International School | Admission


Playgroup 2020 application process.

We inform you that the SEK Chile International School will open 5 seats at the Playgroup 2020 level, for new families.

Requests for informative interviews can be made through the “INTERVIEW REQUEST” link that we share below.

This link will be available from 0.00 hours on September 12, 2019 (continental Chile time). The number of families that will have access to the informative interview is related to the spaces indicated above. We have also considered 7 extra applications that allow you to opt for a waiting list, in case of a favorable admission process.

Children who apply for Playgroup 2020 must be 3 years old by March 31, 2020 and control sphincters.  

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Kinder onwards.
The enrolment process for Play Group, Kinder and primary school onwards usually begins in the second semester, after the number of vacancies for the following school year has been determined.

- Children must be 5 years old (by the 31st of March) to enroll in Kinder.
- Children must be 6 years old (by the 31st of March) to enroll in Grade 1.

Enrolment steps:
- Informative interview with the parents and school tour.
1. Evaluation of the applicant on an individual basis.
2. The school personally informs the family of the application outcome

3. Families can enroll once we have confirmed the application was successful and there is a vacancy.  

Admission Tests:
- Children applying for places in Play Group, Prekinder and Kinder are evaluated through cognitive tasks.

- Children applying for places in Grade 1 onwards are evaluated in the areas of Spanish, Math and English, as well as a personal interview.

Required documentation:
- Original Birth Certificate.

- Four passport-sized photos.

- Report from last nursery, day care center or preschool (for those applying for Play group, PreKinder, Kinder and Grade 1.

- Immunization records (for children applying for places up to Grade 2)

- Photocopy of national ID (both sides) from both parents.

- End of year report cards from previous school* (this must be submitted by all applicants from Grade 2 onwards, and all previous school subjects must have been passed).

*Foreigners, or those who have been educated abroad, must present their end of year report cards from the last 2 years

The following documents can be obtained at our school administration, to be completed by a parent or guardian:

- Medical history 
- Medical form
- Registration forms.

For your application to be considered you must submit all of the above documents.  Applicants will complete the assessment mentioned above, and parents will have a personal interview. 

For any queries please contact:
- José Alegría Grandón
    Director of Admissions.
- Telephone: +56 2 2212 7116 - +56 2 2211 4471
- Email: admision@sekchile.com

Please fill in the form and we will contact you.


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