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Homenaje a Violeta Parra


This year, for the 200th anniversary of Violeta Parra’s birth, 6th graders have worked on large format pieces made of burlap as this musician and artist used to do in her works which we can see at the Louvre Museum in Paris since 1964.
In order to reach the creative stage, children did a complete research so they could grasp the technique and the themes Violeta Parra captured in her masterpieces. With this, students were able to use the genuine fabrics which allowed them to get the big formats and colour.
The research, apart from allowing the students to deepen their knowledge on the Chilean heritage, it also made them improve their teamwork skills as well as strengthening the friendship bonds.
Our student’s works will be available for everyone to see during the Independence Day Celebration on September 15th.


Millicent Bello

Coordinadora de Arte


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